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Mission Statement

1.  Rule the World

2.  Get lots of Cookies

3.  Eat the Cookies

4.  Get more Cookies

5.  Eat those Cookies too.

Our Founder

Vincent Flanders, publisher of Web Pages That Suck writes that all corporate mission statements can be boiled down to one phrase: "All babies must eat"

 We wouldn't mind making a couple of bucks from this enterprise, (or just expenses, for that matter) -- but we have something more important in mind: 

 We want to provide something on the web that's actually worthwhile to read. We want to provide intellectually stimulating editorial on issues that really are important, and give others a chance to enter the forum. That is our pleasure and our goal.

 Since you did manage to find this site among all the fluff and the inane, we want you to feel that your visit to NutzMedia was worth that most precious commodity -- your time. We want you to know that if you come back for a visit in a few days, you'll find something else or three that's thought provoking -- something that maybe makes you want to respond (positively or negatively)...something besides the benign fluff that, without realizing it, you've grown used to.

 Gawd, there is some mind-numbing crap out here in the W3! "and here's some pictures of my dog" What a freaking waste of network drive space! We freely admit that you'll find a lot of mind numbing area's in NutzMedia too. It's sort of the byproduct of cyber space. Few people have anything to say, but everybody wants to say it anyway and they (and we) are all competing for your attention. We endeavor to provide the best forum for even the most mind numbing.quote 1

 You may not agree with everything that's written here. You might not 'get' our humor. In fact, we kind of hope to generate at least a little controversy, if for no other reason than to make the dialogue interesting.

 These web sites are a labor of love (or is it neurosis?).

Have Fun And Stay Nutz!

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